Board of Prosfessional Responsibility and 纪律大澳门赌场官网办公室

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The purpose of the disciplinary system is to protect the public, the courts, and the legal profession from attorneys who do not meet their ethical responsibilities. The 哥伦比亚特区上诉法院 has the ultimate authority for disciplining members of the District of Columbia Bar for violations of the D.C. 职业行为准则. 这个过程由 Rule XI 《上诉法院澳门赌场官网公会规则》, 它通常规定,所有的D.C. Bar, 那些出场次数有限的人是邪恶的, and others admitted to practice in the District of Columbia as Special Legal Consultants under Rule 46(c)(4) are subject to the disciplinary rules.

The 专业责任委员会 is appointed by the Court and serves as its disciplinary arm, responsible for the adjudication of disciplinary cases and the administration of the attorney discipline system. The Hearing Committees preside over disciplinary hearings and are 由董事会委任.

The Executive Attorney for the Board exercises the authority delegated by the Board pursuant to Rule XI 任其摆布. The Executive Attorney acts as the Board’s legal advisor and administers the 执行检察官办公室, which is responsible for assigning formal charges to the Hearing Committees, 保存纪律处分程序的记录, and filing Board and Hearing Committee recommendations and cases.

纪律法律顾问 首席检察官是否负责纪律制度, 由董事会委任, and is responsible for the investigation and prosecution of complaints of attorney misconduct and disability. 程序由 Rule XI and the 《澳门赌场官网》, which set forth the specific requirements for the processing of cases.

The 哥伦比亚特区上诉法院 has inherent jurisdiction over members of the legal profession in the District of Columbia, 包括澳门赌场官网纪律问题. 本法院有权颁布和, in its discretion, 修改有关澳门赌场官网纪律的规则, including the D.C. 职业行为准则. The Court established the 专业责任委员会 as its disciplinary arm, 委任董事会成员, and designates those who shall serve as Board Chair and Vice-Chair. The Court reviews the recommendations of the Board and the Hearing Committees and has the exclusive authority to impose the most severe disciplinary sanctions—disbarment, suspension, and public censure.



The 纪律大澳门赌场官网办公室 (ODC) was created by the 哥伦比亚特区上诉法院 to investigate and prosecute complaints of ethical misconduct against lawyers licensed to practice law in the District of Columbia who violate the D.C. 职业行为准则 (RPC).

规则规定了澳门赌场官网对委托人的义务, the courts, and the general public in professional and private dealings. The purpose of this process is to protect the public by disciplining lawyers who violate the ethics rules. Our office cannot consider complaints against judges acting in a judicial capacity.

有关其他信息,请参见 宗旨及使命.


The 纪律大澳门赌场官网办公室 cannot represent you, 给你任何法律建议, 或者改变法院判决的结果.

The 纪律大澳门赌场官网办公室 cannot refer you to an attorney. 你可以咨询D.C. Bar公益中心 to obtain information about legal representation by calling their 法律信息求助热线 at 202-626-3499.

Free Legal Help 

Contact the D.C. Bar公益中心 if you are an individual living in poverty who is at risk of losing your home, your livelihood, or your family. 中心也提供帮助 small businesses and community-based nonprofits needing legal assistance.

我和我的澳门赌场官网出了点问题. What should I do?

Try to resolve issues with your attorney by communicating your concerns clearly and asking for a response.  Your attorney should clearly explain the fee agreement and scope of representation, 让你随时了解你的案子的进展, and respond to any reasonable requests you may have for information.

If you feel that your problem is the result of poor communication or a misunderstanding between you and the attorney, you should have an open talk with the attorney before you file a complaint.


The D.C. Bar’s Find a Member feature provides the same publicly available contact information for attorneys that we would be able to share with you.  If you are still unable to reach your attorney, you may need to file a complaint with our office.


The D.C. Bar’s Find a Member feature enables a search of all attorneys licensed to practice law in the District of Columbia.  If an attorney is not listed as authorized to practice law and is advising you about D.C. law or representing you in Superior Court, please contact the 纪律大澳门赌场官网办公室.

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The 专业责任委员会 needs attorneys and non attorneys to serve on the Hearing Committees before whom disciplinary cases are tried.